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Back to the Future II Action Hoverport and Hovercars

Great Scott! Back from the Future (actually 1989) comes the micro Texaco hoverport and Doc Brown’s DeLorean with police hovercar. No these are not from the popular Micro Machines collection by Galoob, instead they’re from Racing Champions Inc. with the promotional concept by Action Products Inc. Toys based on the Back to the Future trilogy [...]

Trash Bag Bunch Dissolve Video

The Trash Bag Bunch were one of the first toy lines in the early 90′s that had a “protect-the-environment” theme, tapping into the growing environmentalism. Clean vs Crud battled on their home planet of GARBAGIO but have now washed up on earth. The good DISPOSERS were the defeaters of dirt and grime while the evil [...]

Ideal 1987 Dealer Catalog

Ideal’s 1987 catalog hearkens back to a simpler time. Whistling Mr. Machine, Laser Erector, Magic 8 ball, and the Kerplunk photos are great! The Action Games, Dunk-It!, and Snap Bowling, keep you active. Learn chemistry at home with Chemcraft. Or spin some bowls with Pottery Craft. There’s a cool Transformers version of Battlin Robots, where [...]

Matchbox on the move in 1984 Dealer Catalog

Take a quick spin through this 1984 Matchbox magazine. Horse power is what it’s all about! If you’re a lover of toy cars then this book is for you! Flash Force 2000 starts things off with a bang with single shot caps, that pop on impact when the car is launched. Convoy shows off some [...]

Hasbro 1987 Dealer Catalog

Hasbro’s 1987 Toy Catalog is really a perfect glimpse into the 1980′s toy scene. This entire mag is chock full of great toys for all ages. The variety, photography, and great set pieces instantly make this book one of the brightest stars in the Orangeslime toy catalog universe. Jem and the Holograms take on the [...]

Tonka 1984 “Tonka Turns Toward Tomorrow” Dealer Catalog

The 1984 “Tonka Turns Toward Tomorrow” Looks beyond the bulldozer but not quite into the New Millennium. Tonka’s bread and butter still remains squarely with their line of toy trucks, tractors, and other commercial vehicles. They forge ahead with the futuristic Go-Bots. In the toy arms race of the 1980′s, the Go-Bots are Tonka’s answer [...]

Rocks & Bugs & Things – Retro Remake

A retro remake for the 1985 toyline Rocks & Bugs & Things by That’s right, we did it! These unusual creatures were released by Ideal and possibly inspired by Vietnam flashbacks. Or so we’ve heard. Check-out this vintage toy commercial redo and remember, “They look like rocks, they look like bugs, but they’re More!”

Mad Scientist – ALIEN BLOOD

Mad Scientist Alien Blood was a series released by Mattel in 1987. There were three Aliens that would ooze a glow-in-the-dark green slime out of the characters orifice. These retro figures, which you can see below mint on their original cards are Sammy Sneeze, Billy Belcher, and Oscar-I-Rot. Oddly enough as seen in the Mattel’s [...]

Trash Bag Bunch Series Two

Galoob released Trash Bag Bunch Series Two in 1993, the line was only available overseas so you can imagination how disappointed we were as kids. After many years I was able to find out more about the second series and for the most part it was mainly a re-paint of the same characters from the [...]

Comic Covers – Avengers #103

The Sentinels are alive and well! The Avengers search to rescue the Scarlett Witch who’s been kidnapped by the Sentinels as Quicksilver races to find their secret location. Once the secret lair is discovered in the outback of Austraila, the Avengers Assemble to battle the Sentinel army. Avengers #103 published September 1972. Original cover art [...]

Comic Cover – Hercules Weight-Gain 7000

Nope, it’s not a comic cover. This here’s a tribute to all those “make you stronger” comic book adverts we’ve all glanced at. Thought it would be funny to have Hercules as a spokes person for a weight gain supplement. He’d probably be better at it than the Hulk. Tired of being “Skinny”? Advert published [...]