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Happy Holidays from Endor!

It’s your Kenner Ewok Village Playset come to life in the Star Wars Ewok Holiday Special. A nod to the original Star Wars Holiday Special and the classic Christmas Rankin/Bass stop-motion features.  Who needs a Christmas tree when you have an ewok village diorama.  A stop motion holiday celebration with action figures.  

Inflatable Six Foot Giant Godzilla

Imperial Toys Corporation of Los Angeles, in 1985 released one of the most iconic toys of the 80’s the Six Foot Inflatable Giant Godzilla. little did they know their blow-up “King of the Monsters” would be featured in movies, and be manufactured for over the next ten years. At the time Imperial Toys dominated with [...]

Crushing it! With Mattel’s “KRUSHER”

In 1979 Mattel released one Bad Ass Toy named “KRUSHER” or “THE KRUSHER” but most 80′s kids knew him by simply the Green monster. He was known for his extraordinary crushing ability to be crushed down like an aluminum can. It’s no doubt that the KRUSHER could or would Crush anybody or anything that should [...]

The Saga of Crystar by Remco

Here is a rare 1982 commercial of the Saga of Crystar made by Remco and based on the Marvel comic book series. Crystal good guys vs evil Lava/Magma guys that landed on toy shelves around the same time as the popular 1st series of Dungeons and Dragons by LJN.

Trash Bag Bunch Dissolve Video

The Trash Bag Bunch were one of the first toy lines in the early 90′s that had a “protect-the-environment” theme, tapping into the growing environmentalism. Clean vs Crud battled on their home planet of GARBAGIO but have now washed up on earth. The good DISPOSERS were the defeaters of dirt and grime while the evil [...]

Rocks & Bugs & Things – Retro Remake

A retro remake for the 1985 toyline Rocks & Bugs & Things by That’s right, we did it! These unusual creatures were released by Ideal and possibly inspired by Vietnam flashbacks. Or so we’ve heard. Check-out this vintage toy commercial redo and remember, “They look like rocks, they look like bugs, but they’re More!”

Ooze Your Buddies in the Face!

How did this slip past Hasbro Execs or better yet, what were they thinking in the Ad department! Innuendos abound in this commercial and from the looks of it – it kinda sucks to get oozed.

The “Lost” John Carpenter’s The Thing 1982 Toy Promo

From the depths of Hasbro’s ad department comes the “Lost” John Carpenter’s The Thing 1982 Toy Promo. I wish… This retro style spoof toy commercial is awesome! Complete with custom G.I. Joe figures sculpeyed into the 1982 versions of MacReady, Childs, Windows, and Blair. A must see for any 80s action figure aficionado.

Marvel Legends The Avengers Trailer

Marvel Legends assemble! Off your dusty shelves and into The Avengers movie trailer. Excelsior! Recipe – 7D, Dragon Frame, After Effects, and your entire Marvel Legends action figure collection.

Barnyard Commandos – Retro Commercial

Barnyard Commandos – Retro Commercial Check out the whole Toy Line