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Inflatable Six Foot Giant Godzilla

Imperial Toys Corporation of Los Angeles, in 1985 released one of the most iconic toys of the 80’s the Six Foot Inflatable Giant Godzilla. little did they know their blow-up “King of the Monsters” would be featured in movies, and be manufactured for over the next ten years. At the time Imperial Toys dominated with [...]

Back to the Future II Action Hoverport and Hovercars

Great Scott! Back from the Future (actually 1989) comes the micro Texaco hoverport and Doc Brown’s DeLorean with police hovercar. No these are not from the popular Micro Machines collection by Galoob, instead they’re from Racing Champions Inc. with the promotional concept by Action Products Inc. Toys based on the Back to the Future trilogy [...]

Retro Bobby – Vintage Haircut

When it comes to vintage toy related videos it’s sad to say there’s not much to choose from online, but once in a while a hidden gem pops up. It’s a great series by Copenhagers & Urban Outfitters Europe on a man named “Retro Bobby” he’s a vintage toy collector, a video game enthusiast, and [...]

TMNT Collection

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collection by Mike Design on Flicker


Great MOTU Collection by Uncle He-man on Flickr.

Mad Scientist Monster Kits

Awhile back I contacted the Godbeast one of the best custom action figure guys on the web today. I always loved Mattel 80′s toy line Mad Scientist, as a kid I had a bunch of the monster kits one was called living ice, the other was monster flesh. there was six monster’s total that you [...]