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Raiders of the Lost Ark – Indiana Jones Non-jacket Version

One weekend, on a routine hunt for rare action figures at the Frank & Sons Collectible Show I came across an Indiana Jones figure that bewildered me. Good ole’ Indy with his trusty Fedora and no jacket? I was certain he was from the Raiders of the Lost Ark line released by Kenner in 1982 [...]

Custom Mad Scientist Figures

In 1987 Mattel released their Mad Scientist toy line, allowing kids to create their own monsters. Although a hit with a lot of young Scientists, the messy molding compound probably made a few parents Mad. The toy-line released a six figure series called Mad Scientist Monster Kit. It was a carded package, which included a [...]

Designer Con 2014

This past weekend’s Designer Con was impressive.. Most Impressive! For those of you that haven’t heard Designer Con is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer goods with urban, underground and pop art! That’s straight from the website – Designercon For me Designer Con was a breath of fresh [...]

Outer Space Men Galactic Holiday Edition

This is the Outer Space Men Galactic Holiday Edition designed by The Four Horsemen the set includes see-thru versions of Astro-Nautilus (red), Metamorpho (green), Xodiac(clear) and Inferno (blue) released on 12-14-2010. These are out of this world! This line has grown since then, news is at SDCC 2012 the guys will be releasing The Outer [...]

Mad Scientist Monster Kits

Awhile back I contacted the Godbeast one of the best custom action figure guys on the web today. I always loved Mattel 80′s toy line Mad Scientist, as a kid I had a bunch of the monster kits one was called living ice, the other was monster flesh. there was six monster’s total that you [...]

Creepy Trees and Goblins

Take your favorite toys add some creepy lighting and you’ve got the prefect recipe for Toy Art!

Mordles – Customs Glow-in-the-Dark

Custom glow-in-the-dark Mordles from the Rocks & Bugs & Things toyline Ideal Cbs toys. Made by the Godbeast