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Madballs Series One

Madballs are the simple but genius creation of Amtoy, first released in 1985. A series of 8 “Gross!” monster inspired balls were flying off the shelves at local toy stores. In the years to come these “Ghastly!” characters ended up launching a merchandising frenzy that has lasted over 2 decades. We all wanted to be [...]

Madballs Screamin’ Meemie 360º Spin

Screemin’ Meemie is the best known of all the Madballs. He’s the main character, drummer, and leader of the band in the Madballs cartoon (1986).Meemie is the only anthropomorphic sports ball in the Madballs first series. This self aware ball has had a few too many cracks of the old bat and is ready to [...]

Madballs Oculus Orbus 360º Spin

This is one Madball who’s never lost a staring contest. Oculus Orbus is one of the most well known of the Madballs, right behind Screemin’ Meemie. Lack of eyelids has left him blood shot because he can’t blink. In the Madballs cartoon (1986) Oculus is the default look out for the gang. He alerts the [...]

Madballs Slobulus 360º Spin

What a Slob! This Madball personifies his name perfectly. A gangrene creature with a dangling eyeball, drooling green goo, and a few staples to hold that rotten skin together. Not really a guy you want to hang out with, unless your intention is to gross out your mom. In the Madballs cartoon (1986) Slobulus is [...]

Madballs Crack Head 360º Spin

Straight outta Amtoy, this broke down dude looks to literally have severe brain damage. The term “crack-head” became synonymous with drug use instead of a term of rambunctiousness. Bash Brain became his new moniker due to political correctness. However, we forthright citizens here at Orangeslime couldn’t resist hearkening back, to the days of our youth, [...]

Madballs Horn Head 360º Spin

The undisputed muscle of the Madballs gang, Horn head comes across a mix between a cyclops, a rhinoceros, and a gargoyle! His original ringed nose was updated in later versions with a chain added to his ear. We wonder if this is a nod to Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan. No matter his origin, it’s [...]

Madballs Skull Face 360º Spin

I’ll never forget that afternoon, coming home from Toy’s R Us with my first boner. Skull Face. With perfect teeth and red eyeballs he’s a great Madballs take on the typical scary skull. If you turn him over on the bottom you’ll notice an indentation of where his spine used to be. Another subtle but [...]

Madballs Aargh 360º Spin

It’s ALIVE! The Frankenstein’s monster of the Madballs, Aargh is quite gruesome. One eye shut and the other unable to close, with a snubbed nose and twisted sneer. This is a face not even a mother could love. In the Madballs cartoon (1986) Aargh was usually found abusing his best pal Slobulus. The pair always [...]

Madballs Dust Brain 360º Spin

This Mummy wannabe has the sands of time inside his rotten cranium. Dust Brain was featured in the Madballs cartoon (1986) where his name was shortened to Dusty. Dust Brain is still going strong in the Madballs line up. Quite a testament to his preservation. King Tut and he have nothing in khamun, but he’s [...]