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Raiders of the Lost Ark – Indiana Jones Non-jacket Version

One weekend, on a routine hunt for rare action figures at the Frank & Sons Collectible Show I came across an Indiana Jones figure that bewildered me. Good ole’ Indy with his trusty Fedora and no jacket? I was certain he was from the Raiders of the Lost Ark line released by Kenner in 1982 [...]

Custom Mad Scientist Figures

In 1987 Mattel released their Mad Scientist toy line, allowing kids to create their own monsters. Although a hit with a lot of young Scientists, the messy molding compound probably made a few parents Mad. The toy-line released a six figure series called Mad Scientist Monster Kit. It was a carded package, which included a [...]

S.L.U.G. Zombies Christmas Series

Check out the Target Exclusive Christmas themed S.L.U.G. Zombie set from the toy makers at Jakks Pacific. These figures are very reminiscent of the ol’ 80s hit – M.U.S.C.L.E men. The sculpts are super intricate and the zombies are molded with a green rubbery plastic. Meet the holiday creeps: Johnny Hammer-Stick Santa Claws Nutty Nate [...]

Inflatable Six Foot Giant Godzilla

Imperial Toys Corporation of Los Angeles, in 1985 released one of the most iconic toys of the 80’s the Six Foot Inflatable Giant Godzilla. little did they know their blow-up “King of the Monsters” would be featured in movies, and be manufactured for over the next ten years. At the time Imperial Toys dominated with [...]

Back to the Future II Action Hoverport and Hovercars

Great Scott! Back from the Future (actually 1989) comes the micro Texaco hoverport and Doc Brown’s DeLorean with police hovercar. No these are not from the popular Micro Machines collection by Galoob, instead they’re from Racing Champions Inc. with the promotional concept by Action Products Inc. Toys based on the Back to the Future trilogy [...]

Designer Con 2014

This past weekend’s Designer Con was impressive.. Most Impressive! For those of you that haven’t heard Designer Con is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer goods with urban, underground and pop art! That’s straight from the website – Designercon For me Designer Con was a breath of fresh [...]

Retro Bobby – Vintage Haircut

When it comes to vintage toy related videos it’s sad to say there’s not much to choose from online, but once in a while a hidden gem pops up. It’s a great series by Copenhagers & Urban Outfitters Europe on a man named “Retro Bobby” he’s a vintage toy collector, a video game enthusiast, and [...]

Toy Catalogs Now viewable on your ipad and iphone

We’ve received a lot of great feedback on our ever-growing Toy Catalog section here at Orangeslime. We’ve been using Issuu, a great magazine viewing software that unfortunately hasn’t been viewable on ipads or iphones… Until Now! After countless emails and paying some bucks for the “pro” version of Issuu, the glitch has been fixed. Now [...]

I heard it through the grapevine!

In the summer of 1987 my Dad took a job in another town and only came home on the weekends. On one trip home Dad brought me a little figure of a singing raisin that he’d bought at Hardee’s. Thus began my love affair with the California Raisins. Hardee’s issued 4 characters in their first [...]

Warlock from Toybiz 1999 – The closest we’ll get to a Marvel Legends version

A long time ago.. In a small town far far away… I can remember biking down to the corner store and seeing this tripped out computerized yellow and black character pop right off the comic book stand. That day I picked up my first issue of X-men’s New Mutants series and this Technarchy has held [...]