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‘Stop Motion Animation’


Happy Holidays from Endor!

It’s your Kenner Ewok Village Playset come to life in the Star Wars Ewok Holiday Special. A nod to the original Star Wars Holiday Special and the classic Christmas Rankin/Bass stop-motion features.  Who needs a Christmas tree when you have an ewok village diorama.  A stop motion holiday celebration with action figures.  

Marvel Legends The Avengers Trailer

Marvel Legends assemble! Off your dusty shelves and into The Avengers movie trailer. Excelsior! Recipe – 7D, Dragon Frame, After Effects, and your entire Marvel Legends action figure collection.

"The Thing" with GI Joes!

First video clip made for Zombie Zombie, the electrifying French duo of Etienne Jaumet and Cosmic Neman. Directed by Simon Gesrel and Xavier Ehretsmann thanks to their favourite toys… the GI Joes ! The video is an hommage to the director AND soundtrack composer John Carpenter, especially one of his masterpieces : THE THING.
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Plastic Army Men Go To War!

I see a definite resemblance to the board game “RISK”, plus it’s got loads of cool stop-motion animation using army guys, plastic guns, and toy fighter jet planes in this amazing music video from Lofofora – Mémoire de Singes. Lofofora – Mémoire de Singes – Clip Video 2008 (extrait) from Nicolas Lhomme on Vimeo. Réal./directors [...]

Secret Malibu Banana Rum

This secret video was just found on a remote beach somewhere in the Caribbean. Discover how the new Malibu Tropical Banana Flavored Rum is made. It’s an inside job! The Secret Malibu Banana Rum Tape from Pitch Films on Vimeo.
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