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Mattel Toys Dealer Catalog 1985

The Mattel 1985 Toy Catalog has everything for every kid on the block. Barbie starts things off and shows that she was and still is the 1st Lady of Mattel. Rainbow Brite and She-Ra: Princess of Power, also keep the girls engaged. However, there is plenty of muscle to go around. The Mighty Orbots, Wheeled [...]

Montgomery Ward 1985

The 1985 Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog, a great year for action figure lines and plush. Featuring, rainbow brite, care bear, gobots, tomy robot, wuzzles, transformers, gijoe, master of the universe, M.A.S.K., sectaurs, wheeled warriors, super powers, secret wars.

Inflatable Six Foot Giant Godzilla

Imperial Toys Corporation of Los Angeles, in 1985 released one of the most iconic toys of the 80’s the Six Foot Inflatable Giant Godzilla. little did they know their blow-up “King of the Monsters” would be featured in movies, and be manufactured for over the next ten years. At the time Imperial Toys dominated with [...]

Kenner 1985 Pre-Toy Fair Catalog

We’ve been waiting of this one… The Kenner 1985 Pre-Toy Catalog! Amazing Star Wars setups of the A-Wing Fighter and Tatooine Skiff Vehicle. Kit, Michael Knight and Super Powers with Darkseid. This Catalog has a whopping 19 pages of Care Bares with Strawberry Shortcake, Baby alive and See Wees.

Rocks & Bugs & Things – Retro Remake

A retro remake for the 1985 toyline Rocks & Bugs & Things by That’s right, we did it! These unusual creatures were released by Ideal and possibly inspired by Vietnam flashbacks. Or so we’ve heard. Check-out this vintage toy commercial redo and remember, “They look like rocks, they look like bugs, but they’re More!”

Madballs Series One

Madballs are the simple but genius creation of Amtoy, first released in 1985. A series of 8 “Gross!” monster inspired balls were flying off the shelves at local toy stores. In the years to come these “Ghastly!” characters ended up launching a merchandising frenzy that has lasted over 2 decades. We all wanted to be [...]