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Trash Bag Bunch Dissolve Video

The Trash Bag Bunch were one of the first toy lines in the early 90′s that had a “protect-the-environment” theme, tapping into the growing environmentalism. Clean vs Crud battled on their home planet of GARBAGIO but have now washed up on earth. The good DISPOSERS were the defeaters of dirt and grime while the evil [...]

Vintage “Etrl Blurp Balls”

Retro Exchange is a live eBay listing where collector’s can easily compare current action figure prices, availability, and current toy trends. It’s the toy stock exchange, so if you’re buying, selling, or just checking in on your figures current market value you’ll find it here. Also check out our detailed guide here “Etrl Blurp Balls [...]

Matchbox Collector’s Edition 1991 Catalog

The 1991 Matchbox Collector’s Edition Catalog is exactly what it claims to be, dedicated to the collector! There’s a Days of Thunder collection right in front. The “Con-nect-ables” page shows us that Matchbox figured out how to market the mix and match idea for toy cars. There’s a page dedicated to Matchbox’s “Carousel Collection”. Even [...]

Blurp Balls are Here!

1991 ERTL Blurp Balls Series One, these came out after Madballs but they were just as fun. Squeeze them to shoot out a fly, baseball, rat, and a bunch more. Check out the 360º Spins Retch-a-Rat Tomcat, Sharky Skull Squirt, Spittooey Sooey, Tyrannosaurus Retch, Biff Barfball, Boney Tossteeth, Count Heave-a-Heart, Croaky Bugchunk