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Comic Covers – Daredevil #181

Gotta kick off the new year right with this seminal Frank Miller cover of the classic “Death of Electra” Daredevil issue. Take my word for it, the book is definitely better than the movie. Daredevil #181 published April 1982. Original cover art by Frank Miller, written by Frank Miller Figures used: Daredevil Spider-Man Classics Series [...]

Comic Covers – Avengers #103

The Sentinels are alive and well! The Avengers search to rescue the Scarlett Witch who’s been kidnapped by the Sentinels as Quicksilver races to find their secret location. Once the secret lair is discovered in the outback of Austraila, the Avengers Assemble to battle the Sentinel army. Avengers #103 published September 1972. Original cover art [...]

Comic Cover – Hercules Weight-Gain 7000

Nope, it’s not a comic cover. This here’s a tribute to all those “make you stronger” comic book adverts we’ve all glanced at. Thought it would be funny to have Hercules as a spokes person for a weight gain supplement. He’d probably be better at it than the Hulk. Tired of being “Skinny”? Advert published [...]

Comic Covers – Thor #168

The god of thunder battles the planet consumer – Galactus. In this 1969 issue by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Thor finds Galactus and attempts to take him out but the battle is short lived. Galactus engulfs Thor is a visi-cloud that puts him in a dreamlike state to speed Thor’s understanding of what plans [...]

Comic Covers – Saga of Crystar #6

Nightcrawler of the X-Men guest-stars, and when he lands on the planet Crystallium, he’s mistaken for a Chaos Demon! The Saga of Crystar was a short run series spanning only 12 issues by Marvel in an attempt to promote the toy line of Crystar figures back in 1984. The Saga of Crystar #6 published March [...]

Comic Covers – The Amazing Spider-Man #201

This cover showcases what makes John Romita great! The motion of the Punisher’s gun and the pink bullseye background really make this cover pop. In the story, (titled Man Hunt) Spidey tries to stop the Punisher from using lethal force against a drug dealer named Lorenzo Jacobi but gets a chest full of mercy bullets [...]

Comic Covers – Avengers #223

What a team-up! Hawkeye returns to his roots to discover the Taskmaster secretly using the carnival Hawkeye grew up in to train new recruits. Once Hawkeye gets captured in a lion’s cage, Henry Pim attending the carnival in civilian clothes shrinks to save him. This issue inspired the Ant-Man arrow available with the Hawkeye Marvel [...]

Comic Covers – Captain America #259

“It Had to Happen!” This cover captures a rare showdown between Captain America and Doc Ock who’s been secretly following Cap while plotting to steal his shield. Not the greatest Captain America story but a really great cover. It’s almost as if Octavius is about to decapitate Cap with his own shield! Captain America #259 [...]