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Raiders of the Lost Ark – Indiana Jones Non-jacket Version

One weekend, on a routine hunt for rare action figures at the Frank & Sons Collectible Show I came across an Indiana Jones figure that bewildered me. Good ole’ Indy with his trusty Fedora and no jacket? I was certain he was from the Raiders of the Lost Ark line released by Kenner in 1982 but never spotted this figure without the jacket.

Arabian Horse

I spoke to the dealer about the figure and he thought it came packaged with the Arabian Horse and could be all mine for a mere 2 bucks. I couldn’t recall seeing an Indy figure packaged with the Arabian Horse but at 2 bucks I was willing to take a chance on this unique version of my favorite archeologist. So what’s the story of this rare relic? As I stated before, never had I seen this Indy packaged with the Arabian Horse and there are plenty of photos online to prove it. Not to mention, Indy wasn’t wearing his jacket in the scene from Raiders where he gallops down the Nazi’s to recapture the ark.

In fact, if this figure was to be packaged with an existing Raiders set, it would have to be the Streets of Cairo. If you recall, Indy didn’t rock the leather jacket in those sweaty streets where he popped the Cairo Swordsman with ease. Imagine a Streets of Cairo Showdown complete with a jacketless Indy and a bullet holed swordsman. Lets also not forget that Dr. Jones wasn’t wearing his jacket after Marion was kidnapped and he decided to drown his sorrows.

There could have been a prototype Cairo Bar where Indy got lit with the monkey spy. Probably wasn’t in Kenner’s best interest to release a drunken Dr. Jones.

Arabian Horse

Another possibility would be a mail-away figure but I’ve never seen any ads for it, only the Belloq in Ceremonial Robe mail-away figure. The jacketless Indy could of been a prototype but it’s highly unlikely that I found a rare 30 year-old Kenner Indy prototype at a collectors show for only 2 bucks!

It’s nice to dream but the reality of this figure is it’s most likely an Indy head from the jacketed figure and the body of the Indiana Jones in Arab Disguise figure that came with the Map Room play set. If there’s anybody out there that has a different theory on this figure let us know below and be sure to check out our custom Streets of Cairo comic!

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  1. david says:

    I did this with mine when I was a kid, just swap heads with a regular indy and the one from the map room set. I know a few kids who did that way back then as well.

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