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The Infaceables – Good Warriors – 1984

The Infaceables: Mystic Warriors of Change was a 1984 toyline by Galoob in which plain-face characters grew more animalistic through the use of vacuum suction. Figures have faces which change from man to beast.

The Good Characters

Name: Iron Lion
Bio: Iron Lion is the man and the beast. A noble warrior and a gentle person, he transforms in battle to the snarling “King of the Jungle.” His sharp fangs glisten and his strong muscles tense like a cat ready to pounce. With the “Seal of the Lion” on his chest and the “Cutlass of Courage” in his hand, he leads his warriors against the forces of evil.
The Infaceables | Series 1 | Made by Galoob 1984


Name: Robash
Bio: Robash is a robot programmed to protect the innocent. Because he is a machine, he is impervious to the elements of nature and passing of the centuries. Through time he will fight for justice with his super robot strength. When battling, his facepiece transforms to the image of a human skull, striking fear into the cold hearts of his adversaries.
The Infaceables | Series 1 | Made by Galoob 1984


Name: War Dog
Bio: War Dog is a powerful fighter and a practical joker. His sense of humor makes him popular with his comrades, but when taunted or in danger, his temper prevails. His face is transformed to that of a vicious dog and he is a whirlwind brandishing a huge sword against the forces of evil.
The Infaceables | Series 1 | Made by Galoob 1984


Name: Sphinx
Bio: Sphinx is an ancient champion, summoned from the Great Pyramid to join Iron Lion and the forces of goodness. In early times, he was renowned as an athlete of great skill and speed. Then he discovered the secret texts which brought him the power of the snake—the power to change his face to that of a cobra and to strike with lighting speed and terrible poison.
The Infaceables | Series 1 | Made by Galoob 1984


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