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Montgomery Ward 1985

The 1985 Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog, a great year for action figure lines and plush. Featuring, rainbow brite, care bear, gobots, tomy robot, wuzzles, transformers, gijoe, master of the universe, M.A.S.K., sectaurs, wheeled warriors, super powers, secret wars.

2 to “Montgomery Ward 1985”

  1. ''RAVEN'' says:

    ”The 1985 cataolg looks sweet, but I would prefer the 1986 catalog ,especially seeing:The 1986 COBRA NIGHT RAVEN S3P BLACK V.I.P.JET TRANSPORT PLANE!”

  2. ''RAVEN' says:

    ”1986 Cobra Night Raven S3P Black Jet Spy Plane.Still going strong in popularity, even after 28 years.-Yo Joe!!!”

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