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Custom Mad Scientist Figures

In 1987 Mattel released their Mad Scientist toy line, allowing kids to create their own monsters. Although a hit with a lot of young Scientists, the messy molding compound probably made a few parents Mad. The toy-line released a six figure series called Mad Scientist Monster Kit. It was a carded package, which included a creature mold kit and a canister of it’s putty like compound. Mattel split the series in half with three “Monster Flesh” a gore looking solid substances, and three as “Living Ice” a transparent glossy silicon.

20 years since the release of the ‘Mad Scientist Monster Kit” we decided to check back with the figures to see if we could squeeze one last monster out of the molds. It was an epic fail, right off the bat the compound had hardened, some had even evaporated into thin air. The good news was we still had the molds and in good shape, so after some intense online research we decided to reach out to “The God Beast” he’s an expert on custom figure building and resin casting.

In the end we were able to get Bugore, Slugore, Ogore, iChomp, iSmash, and iStomp all six original figures cast. On top of that as a bonus I also found out that there was one last mold Mattel released, from the “Mad Scientist Monster Lab Board Game” it doesn’t list a name for this monster figure but I like to call this guy Clayface.


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  1. Samuel says:

    where can I get a custom Mad Scientist Monster mold,
    or have one made?

    Thanks Samuel

    • info says:

      I had them custom made using the Mad Scientist Molds. Check out Mad Scientist on ebay sometimes the molds pop-up.

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