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Matchbox on the move in 1984 Dealer Catalog

Take a quick spin through this 1984 Matchbox magazine. Horse power is what it’s all about! If you’re a lover of toy cars then this book is for you!

Flash Force 2000 starts things off with a bang with single shot caps, that pop on impact when the car is launched.
Convoy shows off some 18 wheeled thunder. These truck have great detail. Mega Blasters take their speed to the track. Power Blasters have something for you motorcycle enthusiasts. Burnin’ Key cars pop off with the snap of a plastic key. Some of their cars flip the hood on impact. They also give us Kit from Knight Rider. 1-75 and Models of Yesteryear have many great collectibles (from a Ferrari to a Duesenberg Model J). High Riders allow you to turn any standard matchbox die-cast into a monster truck. Gold Key Lock-Ups allow you to keep your prized sports car secure. Mythic creatures also get in on the racing action with Draggin’ Dragons. There are many great sets in here too!

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