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Inflatable Six Foot Giant Godzilla

Imperial Toys Corporation of Los Angeles, in 1985 released one of the most iconic toys of the 80’s the Six Foot Inflatable Giant Godzilla. little did they know their blow-up “King of the Monsters” would be featured in movies, and be manufactured for over the next ten years. At the time Imperial Toys dominated with their “Mr.T” toy lines which rocked the market in 85. The Godzilla was produced from 1985-1995 in varies shapes and sizes, a 3,4,5,6, and 8ft, were manufactured over the years. This was by far one of my favorite toys growing up, and Kids everywhere loved wrestling/royal rumble style so much Imperial made a “Bop Bag” one. Funny how one product can make such an impact, drive by a used car lot and you’ll usually see a life sized Godzilla/Dinosaur looking thing all blowup. It puts a smile on my face.
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Godzilla Attacks Hollywood Blvd. (Fan Film, 1985)

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