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Matchbox on the move in 1984 Dealer Catalog

Take a quick spin through this 1984 Matchbox magazine. Horse power is what it’s all about! If you’re a lover of toy cars then this book is for you! Flash Force 2000 starts things off with a bang with single shot caps, that pop on impact when the car is launched. Convoy shows off some [...]

Kenner 1984 Dealer Toy Catalog

1984! You had to be there! It was wonderful, awesome, radical, and bitchin’ all wrapped up into one! If you were just a little too young or way too young to remember 1984, Orangeslime has your back. Prepare for a time trip, thanks to the Kenner 1984 Toy Catalog. This magazine is quite frankly the [...]

Tonka 1984 “Tonka Turns Toward Tomorrow” Dealer Catalog

The 1984 “Tonka Turns Toward Tomorrow” Looks beyond the bulldozer but not quite into the New Millennium. Tonka’s bread and butter still remains squarely with their line of toy trucks, tractors, and other commercial vehicles. They forge ahead with the futuristic Go-Bots. In the toy arms race of the 1980′s, the Go-Bots are Tonka’s answer [...]

The Infaceables – Evil Warriors – 1984

The Infaceables: Mystic Warriors of Change was a 1984 toyline by Galoob in which plain-face characters grew more animalistic through the use of vacuum suction. Figures have faces which change from man to beast. The Evil Characters Name: Brainor Bio: Brainor is the evil mastermind of the Infaceables. A scientific genius banished from another galaxy, [...]