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Coleco 1988 Toy Catalog

Coleco’s 1988 Toy Catalog is short but sweet. Much of the this catalog is devoted to quaint toys like Sylvania Family, Princess Magic Touch, and the Cabbage Patch Kids. Aurora AFX, Mash ‘Ems, Alf, and Starcom provide the necessary balance of Awesome! Open publication – Free publishing – More 1988

Coleco 1988 Games & Preschool Catalog

Truth be told, the Coleco 1988 Games & Preschool Catalog is one of the weaker catalogs on OrangeSlime. But, in the sense of fairness, we’re posting it on here to give you a glimpse into the board game days of 1988. Take a trip down memory lane with Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit. Mr. Mouth and [...]

Coleco 1987 Toy Catalog

The 1987 Coleco Toy Catalog is short but sweet. Cabbage Patch Kids, ALF, Rambo and StarCom are all ready to play. There are tons of Power Cycles (check out The Real Ghostbusters one). And for the big kids there are some sweet pool and air hockey tables.

Montgomery Ward 1983

The 1983 Montgomery Ward Christmas Values catalog a huge 600 page whopper. Featuring: Star Wars Return of the Jedi, Dungeons and Dragons, Masters of the Universe, and G.I.Joe.