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Mattel Dealer Catalog 1983

The Mattel Toys Dealer Catalog from 1983 featured a slew of Barbie dolls, accessories and playsets. Mattel “Delivers” with Garfield, Smurfs, and Hot Wheels. One thing is for sure Mattel unleashed the power of grayskull this year with some amazing Masters of the Universe figures and playsets.

The Mattel Toys Dealer Catalog from 1982!

“Success for all Seasons” claims the Mattel Toys Dealer Catalog of 1982. This was the pivotal year Mattel released the first series of He-Man, Masters of the Universe and the rest is history. The catalog also contains the Clash of the Titans line, a lot of Hot Wheels play sets and cars, plus a very [...]

Mattel Toys Dealer Catalog 1980

The Mattel Toys Dealer Catalog from 1980 featured a slew of electronic hand held games like Armor Battle and Catastrophe. Mattel was “Movin’ Ahead ” with Marvel licensed Hot Wheels and a bunch of radio controlled vehicles from Drive Command. This year also introduced Americans to the first Godzilla figure with the airborne monster Rodan. [...]