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Sears Canadian Christmas Catalog 1986

Direct from Canada. The 1986 Sears Christmas Catalog shows off a great year in toys. Debuts from Tonka’s Steel Monsters, Centurions, MASK, Inhumanoids, Thundercats, and the beginning of the enormously successful WWF Wrestling Superstars. Some nice later series from Transformers, Masters of the Universe, and G.I. Joe with a great pick of the G.I. Joe [...]

Tonka’s World of Entertainment 1986 Dealer Catalog

This 1986 Tonka catalog packs a wallop in 100 pages. GoBots, Rock Lords, Steel Monsters, and of course Trucks, headline the appropriately titled “World of Entertainment”. Let no one accuse this catalog of being soft, even when it takes a turn for the cuddly with the Pound Puppies, Pound Pur-r-ies, and Keypers. Tonka’s all about [...]

Tonka 1984 “Tonka Turns Toward Tomorrow” Dealer Catalog

The 1984 “Tonka Turns Toward Tomorrow” Looks beyond the bulldozer but not quite into the New Millennium. Tonka’s bread and butter still remains squarely with their line of toy trucks, tractors, and other commercial vehicles. They forge ahead with the futuristic Go-Bots. In the toy arms race of the 1980′s, the Go-Bots are Tonka’s answer [...]