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Matchbox on the move in 1984 Dealer Catalog

Take a quick spin through this 1984 Matchbox magazine. Horse power is what it’s all about! If you’re a lover of toy cars then this book is for you! Flash Force 2000 starts things off with a bang with single shot caps, that pop on impact when the car is launched. Convoy shows off some [...]

Toy Catalogs Now viewable on your ipad and iphone

We’ve received a lot of great feedback on our ever-growing Toy Catalog section here at Orangeslime. We’ve been using Issuu, a great magazine viewing software that unfortunately hasn’t been viewable on ipads or iphones… Until Now! After countless emails and paying some bucks for the “pro” version of Issuu, the glitch has been fixed. Now [...]

Matchbox Collector’s Edition 1991 Catalog

The 1991 Matchbox Collector’s Edition Catalog is exactly what it claims to be, dedicated to the collector! There’s a Days of Thunder collection right in front. The “Con-nect-ables” page shows us that Matchbox figured out how to market the mix and match idea for toy cars. There’s a page dedicated to Matchbox’s “Carousel Collection”. Even [...]